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What Takes Place When One Conjoined Twin Dies Before The Other

Twins who're born with connected body parts are referred as conjoined twins. The severity of the body connection varies. Some only share small amounts of tissues whilst others share more tissue or even organs.

The big question that then comes to the mind is that what really happens when one of them dies. Does the other one naturally die too or can he/she live? Let's ponder deeper.

In cases where separation is desired, not all conjoined twins need surgery. But in cases where a heart is shared, surgery intended for separation is a more sophisticated procedure that requires many professionals.

When it comes to death of one of them, we'll first have to know that they share the nervous system, multiple tissues and some organs. So if he/she does, these scenerios may happen.

The other alive twin would gradually follow the footsteps of the dead twin. This may take hours or even days. The time he/she takes may even be very shorter if a vital organ like the heart was shared.

Though, according to Dr. Stauch Eric, if the heart of one of the twins stops beating, it'll stop supplying blood to the other twin. The remaining living twin's life can thereafter only be saved through surgery within hours. Again, such surgeries would last for at least ten hours meaning saving the other twin's life would be in jeopardy.

Also, after the death of one of them, sepsis would occur after infections from the decomposing body of the other dead one overwhelms the body of the living one. This causes multiple inflammation to the living one's body which then graduates to organ failure.

After this, even if latter treatments to save the life of the remaining twin would follow, prognosis serves to be futile.

Most conjoined twins seldomly survive before birth but if they do, they die shortly after birth. Nontheless, separation surgeries can be successful in few scenerios. They're mostly discovered during pregnancy using ultrasound.

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