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Your Babys Incredible Father Inherited Characteristics

Symmetry in the Face

Is your child's smile similar to that of his or her father? Is there a similar squint in her eye or a twitch in her nose? As babies get older, their facial structure, such as their jaw bones and high cheekbones, will resemble that of their dads, which they will undoubtedly inherit.

Responsibility and good manners

They say the best form of flattery is imitation. Innocent tiny newborns, particularly boys, however, copy their fathers in order to gain them attention and affection. They look up to their father as a role model in practically everything they do as they grow up. This puts the father in a very responsible position, and he makes sure he's at his best while he's around his infant. Good behavior, on the other hand, is a mother's responsibility.

Preferences in Food

Children, particularly males, frequently look up to their fathers for guidance and strive to mimic them to the letter. This relates to his food preferences as well. Though both may be correct, a mother's opinion on nutritious diet for the newborn may differ from that of the father. While moms are usually busy preparing or serving dishes, babies frequently get to dine with the father. This is one of the rare times a father has the opportunity to interact with his child exclusively, and he may pay close attention to what the child eats. Unless the infant is on exclusively formula or cereals, fathers usually end up sharing what's on their plate, and the baby quickly picks up the taste.

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