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5 Ways we didn’t Realize dad Influenced our Lives

Making us feel secure

The support and affection that dads do provide makes a child feel secure and helps in development of self confidence. Fathers are important for children in forming their emotional state. Children too do experience a lot of challenges when growing up and a father’s presence during these moments is what they exactly need

He forms the way we make relationships

Without even realizing it, children do copy how their fathers behave around different people and also their attitude. This helps children later in life in choosing what type of friends they may like to have around, lovers and people around them, just like their fathers did. The way they see a certain relationship, it will be based on how their fathers did.

Helps you to believe in yourself

One of the things that really bring a positive effect to a child’s life is spending time their dad in any hobby and the dad always being there by their side in various situations. They get over their fears and have confidence; a dad neglects his children who risks leaving them with fear and a strong feeling of being worthless

He gives us a view of a man’s world

Boys learn what being a man means and how to be responsible. They look at their dads and understand how to control emotions like a man and how to use their strength just like a man. Girls on the other hand, learn how to build relationship with men, how to trust them and also how to behave around men. Later in life, a child’s behavior will depend on what he learnt from hi/her dad.

He prepares you for real life

Children do learn and experience a lot when they are around their dad; both emotional and funny. Men choose justice, fairness and duty, and teach children about the consequences of their actions. Reality is not as we always imagined it to be, while mothers might try to protect their children from it as they can, father are ready to open our eyes.

Do you have any relationship with your dad? What did you learn from your dad? Leave your comment below, share and follow me for more.

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