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What Most Of Women Undergo Through When The Are In Hiv positive That You Should Know About

Parenting has its challenges, but it is even more tasking when a mom is HIV positive, many moms have sunk into depression as they struggle to balance between being a mom and protecting their kids from the deadly virus. They are fighting to see their surviving kids running away from the disease. We see that mom living with HIV in different areas but still fighting to stand up with their family. This is to ensure that they need the best for what they have. We learnt about this status during their prenatal clinic.

When women living with HIV is a big struggle. The journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and child care can be very challenging, especially for a mother who is HIV positive and what her surviving kid to stay negative.This journey before was lile a mountainn but nowdays many have been get used of it, this is to ensure good help other various women know how to go about parenting while living with HIV. Here is what I came to realise what those women undergo through;

1. Depression and anxiety

When being in this situation has caused so many women to go into depression because they are afraid that their babies might be infected. This is due to Parenting while living with HIV can be an exciting journey because you are bringing fourth a new being into the world. That alone is a miracle. This is why the feel that pain than anybody else.

2. Weak and Afraid:

The immune system prevents the body from acquiring the diseases and infections that come its way. White blood cells defend the body against viruses, bacteria, and other organisms that can make a person sick. This make them afraid when they found out their white blood cell is affected hence they can easily taken away with any other type of disease. Early on, HIV symptoms may be mild enough to be dismissed. After a few days after being exposed to the virus, a person with HIV may experience a flu-like sickness that lasts a few weeks. This is associated with the first stage of HIV, which is called the acute HIV. That make them feel shy and fear. It's good for them to continue with their clinics and started her medication as soon as the doctors recommended them.

The HIV activist emphasised on eating a balanced diet. They takes lots of vegetables, especially kienyeji (indigenous vegetables), and avoids too much red meat. Taking plenty of water and fruits is helpful.

The are needs to carry her antiretroviral therapy (ART). These are HIV medicines recommended for everyone who has tested positive for HIV. ART are not drugs designed to cure HIV. They only help peodrugith HIV live longer, healthier lives.

HIV positive mothers can give birth normally or via Cesarian Section depending on their labor progression and the positioning of the baby, adding that even HIV positive mothers can breastfeed their babies. If a baby was born HIV negative, the medicines given at birth yould be HIV-negative prevent them from getting the virus through their breast milk. The drugs are to be continuously administered to the babies as per the doctor's instructions.

For more information concerning this, do not hesitate to ask me back through trying your concern, follow my channel, share, like it, comment, and even ask any question for any clarification. By this, I shall not be the only benefactor. You shall have spread the information appropriately. Comment and ask questions where possible. Am always there to answer you.

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