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My Husband Left Me Because I Gave Birth To Twins But One Disabled, Lady Shares Her Sad Story(Video)

My Husband Left Me Because I Gave Birth To Twins But One Came Disabled, Lady Shares Her Sad Story(Video) 

Women go through a lot in their marriages. This happens when she fails to get a blessing of a child. Some men do not understand that its God who blesses the womb. The woman do not choose which child to be placed in her womb. When a woman gives birth to a disabled child, she will pass through difficult times in her home. 

There is this story of a woman identified as Jane. The woman shared her story in a video attached at the end of this article. Her story sounds sad as it expresses what ladies go through in their marriages. Jane gave birth to a baby whom the husband referred to as a rat. He never welcomed the baby home bearing in mind that it was his own baby.

Jane is a woman blessed with two children. She has got the son and the daughter. The daughter grew well but the son had problems with growth. Due to this difference, no one can be able to realize that the two are actually twins.They are totally different in size due to the health condition that the son has.

The father left this family just after his wife gave birth to this children. Since then, they have never known where the father went. He never liked the disabled child. According to her story, the two met and loved each other. They promised heaven to each other and finally settled together as husband and wife. 

God blessed her womb and they rejoiced and celebrated. As usual, the woman is expected to go for check ups. The doctor confimed that indeed she is pregnant and therefore she should expect a baby girl. He did not mention that the woman is carrying twins. The pregnancy was therefore due after 9 months and she had to give birth. When she was taken to the hospital, she gave birth to her first baby perfectly well then after a few minutes she felt that there is something cominh out. When she called the doctors, they found out that there was a second child. The child came out with abnormal size that made doctors check whethef he was alive or not. She later went home with the babies. The husband was dissappointed and therefore did not accept the fact that they are his babies. 

The lady says that people advised her to get rid of the baby. They claimed that the baby will not survive. They used to him names like rat, snake and other nasty words. This kept hurting her but she had nothing else to do except to take care of him. So the baby survived and became healthier than how people expected.

The husband later left home and never came back. Since he was the bread winner, she found it difficult to live with the babies now that she needed medical expenses.She was kicked out of her house since she was unable to pay rent. She found her self on the streets with no place to sleep. A well wisher offered her a kitchen as accomodation with her children. Currently, she sells maize along the roadside to get food for her family.

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