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The Best Way To be A Father

A father is believed to be the head of the family and also the provider. His presence in home is of much importance to the kids and the family at large.

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Here are tips on how you can be a good father:

Be there - some men are quick to father a child but fail to raise the child. The best gift you can ever give your child is your presence in his/her life. The child feels loved and it even raises the child's self esteem.

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Model manhood to your sons - the father should model his sons on the responsibilities and behaviours of a man.

Tell your daughter you love her always - the best love a daughter can get is the dad's love. You will raise her self - esteem or build her confidence.

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Be the spiritual leader - the father should lead his family to the light. He should be a spiritual leader of the family and show his children Godly living.

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Be the provider - a father should the sole provider even if your wife has a better job than you. Make effort and let everyone know you are the man of the house.

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