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3 Things Indicating She Wants a Baby With You

There comes a time when women are ready for motherhood. Women in this stage of life will drop different hints to show they are ready for parenthood. Some men take so long to notice that the women in their lives want to have kids. 

Here are 3 things a woman who wants to have a baby will do:

1. She starts volunteering to babysit

Babysitting is part of motherhood. If the woman in your life starts to volunteer to babysit your friends' kids then, she is ready for hers. She will not hesitate to babysit any child she comes across. This is considered part of the practice for motherhood. She will keep doing it even when she is in public to show she is ready for the same.

2. She starts noticing kids everywhere

 A woman will start noticing the presence of kids everywhere she passes when she is ready for motherhood. You will hear her saying that the kids look great. She will smile and get excited whenever she sees children.

3. She gets excited after her friends give birth

A woman who is yearning to bear kids will become very happy whenever she hears about baby showers. She will not hesitate to attend any of the baby showers if she is invited for the same.

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