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Pregnancy period

Reason Why Pregnant Women Appear a Vertical Line on Their Stomach and What it means.

Linea nigra is a line that passes from your pubic bone to the top of your belly bottom. It is usually between a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch wide

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It mostly appears on pregnant women however it is also noticeable rarely in men and ladies who are not pregnant.

linea nigra occurs with uneven hormones throughout pregnancy in pregnant women. The imbalanced hormones lead your body to manufacture more melanin which is also a dark pigmentation of the abdomen.

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The increasing synthesis of placenta in a stimulating melanocyte hormone linked to the linea nigra which causes melasma and darker nipples.

Although uncomfortable, the vertical line on a pregnant woman's tummy is not risky. This hormone-induced skin darkening can actually affect up to 75% of women during pregnancy.

The vertical line typically starts fading away months after delivery but for some women it does not fade completely and can even return after getting pregnant.

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The line has no proven side effects or treatment as per research. Women are advised not to apply bleaching products since it can never fade away.

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