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How to Stop Yelling at Your Child

Do you find yourself feeling like all I seem to do is yell at my child? It’s exhausting having to repeat yourself and feeling so disrespected by their actions that you just pop.

You are not alone in your struggle and the good news is there are ways to connect with your child even when you ask them to stay on task and teach respect with requests as a caregiver without having to be awarded.

So here are three ways you can help yourself as a caregiver when you feel like you're on the verge of yelling at your child.

1. Tip number one, when you feel like you need a release, instead of yelling, try singing it out.

Now, why does singing help? It does a few things. First, it's a release just like yelling except in a less aggressive way. It is also playful and usually results in you and your child laughing.

Laughing can reset the brain by releasing serotonin or dopamine to help our mood become less angry.

Children respond better to caregiver requests when they feel connected and safe rather than scared or threatened.

2. Tip number two, model self-control when you feel the urge to yell.

Remind yourself that you are modeling appropriate self-control. If you need to take a break you can say I need a moment to cool down. That moment can save you from yelling and model thinking before acting. Even when it's difficult, children learn more by watching their parent’s actions rather than being told what to do.

3. Tip number three, take three breaths.

It sounds so simple and caregivers are often coached to even tell kids this. Those breaths are allowing space between the action of yelling and allow caregivers to reset. Even better, you can do this with your child and turn it into a game.

Try this, we are getting angry and I wonder who can calm our bodies down faster, are you. Let's take three deep breaths.

Caregiving is the most difficult job and reducing yelling in your household is a process. It is okay to make mistakes, get creative on how you parent, and ask for help when you need it.

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