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The Reason Why Baby Formula Is The Most Stolen Commodity By Mothers In Supermarkets

Kenyans have taken on their timelines to fight for the abolishment of the VAT on Baby Formula. Moran tweeted saying, "No wonder baby formula is the most stolen product in supermarkets, no mother would leave their child to starve. None."

Baby formula is set to be taxed by the government and at this point, it’s going to be super expensive to buy and that only means one thing, not many parents will be able to afford it hence inefficient growth and development to the infant. So sad.

"For single father's,baby formula is a very important product but only affordable to the middle class & upper class. What about those poor fathers? The government has to reduce VAT on this product and make it more affordable," Joe tweeted.

Some mothers aren't that lucky. Their breast milk dries up or it is too little to to sustain the baby with nutrients. That's why they go for baby formula. Our Kenyan government needs to adjust the VAT to make it affordable.

Note: Current VAT is at Ksh. 1200 

It is a plea from most Kenyans especially mothers.

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