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Pregnancy period

Signs Of Unhealthy Foetus During Your Pregnancy Every Lady Should Take Note Of.

It is very important to be able to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foetus so as we can eliminate threat to the baby and our bodies.

Miscarriage is the common results of unhealthy foetus which occurs before the 20th week of pregnancy

Excess cramping during pregnancy. It is a warning it should be taken into consideration seriously. It can be caused by poor blood flow and therefore it is advisable that you see the doctor if it persist.Lack of foetal heartbeat. Baby's heartbeat starts at the fifth week and is usually detected by just touching the stomach and counting the beats or using an electronic foetus monitor. However detection can be difficult attimes due change in baby's position

Position at the time if labour. At the ninth month the movement of the baby becomes minimal. Healthy baby adopts the first head position and move towards the birth canal.

Loss of body weight. It is not healthy for an expectant mother to loss weight. This is a sign of some conditions which one should consult the doctor about.

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