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Do Not Do These Things to Your Introverted Child

Make them participate in group conversations.

I understand that you want your kids to be social. You want them to converse. Forcing them to interact with others, on the other hand, isn't going to work. In order for an introverted child to open up, he or she must first feel at ease. He may withdraw totally if he is pressed into speaking too quickly. Encourage your child to venture outside of his comfort zone on occasion, but keep in mind that he may need to take things slowly in new social circumstances.

When they need to recharge inside, make them go outdoors and play.

For an introverted child, a seven-hour school day can be taxing. He might simply want to come home and pass out. You could be uneasy about your child reading while sitting on the couch or sleeping in his bed. However, after a hard day at school, that may be just what your youngster requires.

Make fun of their quiet demeanor

A parent's worst mistake is to shame their child for being an introvert. This is something I see all the time, and it makes me uncomfortable. "Stop being so quiet!" or "Just walk up and chat to them!" will not help your child and will just encourage her to withdraw even more.

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