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Make your children happy by spending time with them.

Happy is the household that can count on hours of family relaxation as well as hours oy given work. Our homes suffer to a large extent by the demands of modern life and happy moments of “togetherness “ are reduced to a minimum . Too often when they wish to amuse themselves. Young people leave y home and go where they can do as they please  , “because in the family there is ay somebody to tell us what to do or to reprove us.”

How many mothers there are who, arriving at mature age would give all they posses to enjoy the company of a son or a daughter! How many fathers ask themselves bitterly why their children are so anxious to be away from them! This state of things depends mostly upon the parents. But when it is manifested, it is frequently too late to remedy it . Therefore counsels are directed especially to young couples e, if they are wise will realize that the happiness they desire for their children depends much on the character they give o these personal relationships.

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