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Pregnancy period

What All Pregnant Moms Need to Know About Their Dental Hygiene And Its Effects on Pregnancy

Even though dental hygiene is usually overlooked by many expectant mothers, it plays a crucial role and can affect your child's development both positively and negatively. Through this article, I will highlight why having a clean and healthy mouth is important for your delicate baby.

According to scientific findings, periodontal infections (gum infection that damages gums and can destroy the jawbone) has greatly been linked to birth defects such as low birth weight as well as premature labor.

Biological mechanism linking periodontal disease and pregnancy complications.

What actually happens is that the bacteria that causes periodontal infections when left to accumulate gets into the blood stream and targets the foetus. The bacteria causes harm by inflaming the placenta making it to swell. As a result, the developing baby stunts (has a reduced growth rate)while in the womb leading to premature labor and low birth weight babies (birth weight less than 2,500g)

This concludes why having a clean, healthy mouth can be very important while pregnant as it keeps away gum infections that can affect the baby.


Here are 4 key strategies that can be beneficial to all expectant mothers.

I wish you a healthy life as you continue to share this information to your loved ones. Be blessed.

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