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Ways Of Identifying Your Identical Twins When They Are Apart.

Once the babies are at home, choose different clothes for each baby.Dress them in different colors, or one twin in patterns and the other in solids.Making this will give you easy clues.

Now you have heard your two precious little ones, how do you tell your precious twins apart? Telling your twin babies apart can be tricky in the first few months, resulting in the mix ups like feeding one more than the other.

The key is closely to notice your babies in the initial days and follow this tips to identify them closely.

1.Dress them in different colors.

Once the babies are home, choose different colors for each baby.Dress them in different colors or one twin in patterns and the other in solids.Making this will give you quick visual clues.

2.Look for physical differences.

While your twins may look alike, some of their physical characteristics might differ like the shape of the head or birthmarks or whether they are right handed and left handed.

Observe your baby carefully and note differences in your twins.You can also write them down in your baby book for convenience.

3.Look for personality differences.

Look at your baby facial expressions mannerisms are habits, which will evolve over time.These differences will indicate which of the two you are interacting with.

4.Spend time with each of them separately.

To know your babies more, take out time to body with each one of the separately.This could be through skin to skin contact, or feeding or bathing them one after the other.While you spend time with each baby, let your partner be with the other one.

5.Click pictures

Parents usually love clicking their babies pictures in those early days.When you click your twins pictures make sure to always keep one on the left and one on the right.This way you will be able to identify them separately I'm the photographs quickly.

6.Put a mark.

If you are still having trouble in identifying your babies, you can put a small mark or initial letter at the bottom of your baby's foot or any other location that would not end up in your baby's mouth.

Content created and supplied by: Nancy Gesare (via Opera News )


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