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10 Things That You Probably Don't Know About Babies

We all love babies and everyone desires to have a baby at one time in life. Babies may sometimes behave strangely and for new mothers, they may not be used to certain things.

In this article we are going to look at some of the 10 things that you probably don't know about babies, take a look at what these things are;

1. They don't have bony kneecaps

Children actually don't have bony kneecaps like the one adults have. Their kneecaps become bony as they grow. Why they don't have bony kneecaps is to make the birth process easy to prevent a lot of injuries to mothers. Their knees are always very flexible and this facilitates a smooth birth process.

2. More bones than adults

This will come as a surprise to many but babies actually have more bones compared to adults. Adults have around 206 bones while babies have around 300 bones. It is at age 25 that bones stop growing.

3. Crying without tears

For babies, their tear ducts are still in the process of development and so sometimes you'll see them cry but no tears and that does not mean they are not genuine. It is at 2 months that you will see some of them start shedding tears while to some it may start even earlier. Babies also like crying and sometimes for no apparent reason but other times it's them trying to communicate to you as a parent.

4. They can remember what they ate while in the womb

This is so amazing and too good to be true but it's actually truth according to research. Inside a mother's womb, the baby depends on the food that the mother eats. The amniotic fluid in the womb contains some of the food that the baby may sometimes feed on. You will even find them instantly like a certain food when they are born and this is because perhaps the mother used to eat it constantly and so they can easily relate to the taste.

5. Could have a mini period

This sometimes happens especially to baby girls. They may have a mild period and this may happen around 2 to 10 days after birth. This is very normal and parent should not be worried at all it simply happens because of the sudden lack of oestrogen from the mother.

6. May sneeze more often

You have probably noticed that babies sneeze more often than adults. Since they have small nose passages it's easy for the nose to be clogged. Sneeze helps them get reed of dust of the air smoke and mucus. At this stage also, they also use their mouth to breath.

7. Some may have crossed eyes

Have you seen babies with crossed eyes, as a parent you shouldn't be so much worried because that will change with time. This happens sometimes because of an extra fold of skin in eye corners and this makes their eyes appear crossed. With time this will change and the eyes will become perfectly well.

8. Can sleep with eyes open

Yes their are babies who sleep with eyes open and this may sometimes go even until adulthood to some. That is no cause for alarm though. Babies have a longer rapid eye movement when compared to adults and this is sometimes what makes them to sometimes be asleep yet eyes are open. That may change with time as as their nervous system develops.

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