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Understanding Vasectomy: Procedure, And Side Effects of DJ Moz's Choice of Contraception

Celebrated DJ Moz has confessed to have undergone a vasectomy as a contraception measure. His confession has ignited online talks with some wondering what and how is the procedure done.

Understanding Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a simple surgical procedure done on the man's scrotums to prevent him from impregnating women. The procedure involves cutting and sealing Vas Deferens, the tubes which transports sperms to form semen. This therefore means that you will produce semen without sperms making it impossible to make a lady pregnant. Sperms produced in the testicles are reabsorbed by your body.

The procedure is permanent and thus requires sober decision. If you want to have children in the future, then this method is not good for you and you should consider other procedures.

Side Effects

Just like any other medical procedure, vasectomy has some side effects.

1. Swelling of the scrotums

2. Sometimes, although rarely, it may fail

3. You may see some traces of blood in your semen in the first few days

4. Mild pain and discomfort

5. Inflammation due to leaking sperms

6. Fluid buildup in your testicles

Despite the setbacks, the method is safe and offers almost a hundred percent protection.

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