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Pregnancy period

Are You Having Loss of Appetite And Feeling Nauseous? Watch For These Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Most people are not aware that one can begin feeling pregnancy symptoms even one day after conception. Girls will still think that things are still okay until they miss their period and this is the time they will start to freak out.

Pregnancy occurs when the male gamete fertilizes the female Ova and implantation occurs. The baby then begins to grow in her mother's Womb .

Some of the Early symptoms of pregnancy that can begin as early as one week. The symptoms include

1. Headache_ This is commonly as a result of altered hormonal changes and increased blood volume which significantly causes Hb levels to drop.

2. Abdominal Cramping- This is because the uterine muscles are beginning to expand.

3. Light headiness and Dizziness- This is caused by a drop in Hb levels and serious drop of Hb levels can cause anaemia.4. Depression- It is very common among pregnant women

5. Feeling of Fatigue and Increased Sleep- Generally the body is working hard to prepare itself to house a new person.

6. Feeling Nauseous And Increased Urge of Vomiting- one may start experiencing sudden metallic taste in the mouth and one may feel that they don't have appetite at all.

7. Frequent Urge Of Urination_ one may start visiting the washroom more frequently for short calls

8 Missed Period - Definitely this will be the confirmatory symptom that you are not alone.

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