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"Kweli Co-parenting Si Mchezo" Murugi Munyi Competes For Her Son's Love

Before Murugi Munyi got married to Zach Munyi, she had one child whom she co-parents with her ex and Zach has been a gentleman enough to accept the child as his own and include him.

Co parenting is not an easy journey especially if the break up was bad, because one side is always left emotional there by affecting healthy Co parenting to an extent where one parent is not allowed to see his/her child.

And in all this it's only the child that is affected,Co parenting takes maturity and understanding, if a parent understands that it's what's best for the child then co parenting becomes easy, making it about the child's well being.

But to some it comes effortlessly and natural they don't struggle as much and for Murugi Munyi that has been the case since she started sharing her Co parenting journey with us.

On Murugi Munyi's Instagram story she shared how her son has been away with the other dad and he came back bearing gifts that he bought him (see photo)

Then Murugi Munyi says she has to buy him a gift too specifically a car and she jokingly declares it to be a competition but sounds serious on it.

Her followers also supported her while sharing their stories and agreed that indeed Co parenting is a competition a times especially when it comes to gifting.

What's your experience on Co parenting?

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