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My Mother-in-law Gave My 2-Year-Old Son Beer Mixed With Herbs After He Suffered Mouth Ulcers, Damaris

Damaris recalls her painful ordeal on how her mother-in-law gave his 2-year-old son beer mixed with herbs as tradition medicine after he suffered from mouth ulcers. He almost died, she says.

Damaris and her husband were leading a normal and happy life, and they were fortunate enough to have a son together. Things took a negative turn after the son reached two years, she states. 

He started developing painful sores at the base of his gums and he could no longer eat. They became alarmed and decided to take the baby to the hospital and after several tests, he was diagnosed with mouth ulcers. 

'It was a breaking point for us as a family', She emotionally states. He was put under medication for a while and according to her, the kid's condition didn't seem to improve as much.

The husband decided to call his mother and explain to them what their child was suffering from. To his surprise, she informed him that the disease cannot be cured medically and that she knew traditional medicines that would help them.

'It was the most encouraging news we heard ever since our son got ill', Damaris states. They packed the babies clothes and took him to the mother. Since they trusted her, they didn't see any need for them not to leave and come back for him after he was recovered. After a week, they received a call from their sister-in-law informing them of the Unthinkable.

She stated that the mother was giving their son beer mixed with herbs and that he was in a bad condition. They were left in disbelief and thought that it was a nightmare that they would wake up from, she says. They took a bus and hurried home to see what was really happening. 

Upon arrival, they met their son lying in the chair outside the homestead, looking lifeless. They rushed him to hospital and after several tests, doctors confirmed that he had alcohol content in his body. It was flushed and later given medication, and eventually, he fully recovered.

On the other hand, the mother-in-law acted so innocent, telling them that it was the only way she knew that treated the disease and that he didn't have any bad intentions towards their son. Damaris and her husband forgave her, but since that incidence, she never trusts tradition medicine.

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