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Pregnancy period

"Obese Women have Problems Getting Pregnant." The Effects of Weight on Reproductive Health

Obesity is a common health issues in this day and is mainly caused by sedentary lifestyle and eating junk foods. It has been indicated to cause a myriad of conditions that have detrimental effects on life. Amongst these include difficulty in conception.

This condition is generally the presence of too much body fat in proportion to the height of a person. A person becomes fat, gets tired easily even after little or no activity and sweats profusely. Sometimes it leads to difficulties in breathing and snoring in sleep. When the Body mass index is above 30kg/m2 then the individual is most probably obese.

Among the effects of obesity include physiological such us high blood pressure and diabetes and mental issues such as low self-esteem due to body shaming.

"It is not easy to get pregnant for many women due to excessive body fat accumulation which causes hormonal imbalance. This has a major impact in reproductive health," said a nutritionist in an interview with NTV.

The weight problem has number of solutions with the major being lifestyle changes. This involves engaging in regular exercises and physical activity such as walking, change of diet to more fibrous food and reduction of beer consumption. It is important to visit your physician to help you develop a weight reduction plan.

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