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Pregnancy period

Beside Pregnancy, See 3 Reasons Why Women Miss Their Period

Most women, especially those who are not married may panic each time they miss their period. Undoubtedly, pregnancy remains the major reason why a woman may miss her period, however, there are other causes too. Today, we are looking at three reasons why besides pregnancy, women miss their period.

1. Pills

Oral contraceptives, known to many as " pills" for short, are known to cause women to miss their period. Since most of these contraceptives fail sometimes, most women may think the missed period is a result of pregnancy.

Women who miss their period a lot while taking pills should consider other ways to prevent pregnancy. The best way is to use condoms. Those who are not married too may consider abstinence as a safe option.

2. High or low body fat

Try talking to fat women and you will realize most of them are having menstrual problems. According to Healthline. Com, excessive body fat may cause women to miss their period. Those with low body fat may also experience a similar problem.

Those with low or excessive body fat should try to eat a balanced diet. First, eat enough and not excess protein. Second, avoid junk foods and fizzy drinks with high sugar content. Last, exercise well.

3. Excessive Exercise

Unknown to many women, excessive exercise may influence your period. Perhaps, you want to reduce weight, get a flat tummy or a perfect body shape. The way forward is through exercise, but don' t overdo it.

Women who exercise a lot should get enough sleep. Stay hydrated throughout the day and make sure you eat well. Fruits and vegetables remain an excellent source of fibre and vitamins.

What you should know

Though I will explain the health implications of missing your period in another article, women need to know that missing their period on regular basis is not something they should take lightly.

Nothing should prevent the body from its natural way of shedding unwanted materials from the body.

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