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How To Overcome Obesity In Early Childhood

Obesity is a common health issue defined by having high percentage of body fat.

Limit unhealthy foods in the household

Learn to stock fridge with healthy foods and allow less healthy snacks.

Physical activities

Encourage your child to some physical exercise such as games, sports and gym class.

Having enough sleep

When your child does not get enough sleep he or she may end up getting more weight hence make them have enough sleep.

Eat healthy foods

Changing eating habits allows children experience healthy eating, this will make easier for them to continue following good eating habits as they grow into adults.

Feed growing child with appropriate portion sizes

Child does not require huge amounts of food.

Encourage them to learn various portion sizes fitting them.

Breastfeed infants when possible

Breastfeeding is associated with a reduce of Childhood obesity.

Reduce sedentary time

Limit the time children watch television to not more than two hours a day.

Encourage eating slowly and only when hungry

Overheating when not hungry causes obesity hence encourage your child to eat only when they feel hungry and to chew more slowly for better digestion.

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