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6 Reasons Why Women Find It Difficult To Find It Difficult To Get Pregnant

1. Excessive Consumption of trans fats

Trans fats is associated so much with many health complications and excessive consumption of this will have a lot of impact the the health of the consumer. Some of the foods containing trans fats included baked foods, fired foods like chips, pizzas.

This foods have a lot of negative impacts on the fertility of a woman. One had to minimize the consumption of these foods because scientists have associated 73% of ovulatory diseases with eating trans fats.

2. Over exercising may sometimes not be healthy for you

Exercising is good and it also helps to increase a person's fertility but the problem comes when it is overdone. Over exercising has a lot of negative effects on the fertility of a person. According to science, over exercising, can negatively affect the reproductive cycle of an individual and this will have an impact on one's ability to get pregnant. Try your nest and be moderate in the amount of exercise you give to your body.

3. Low Body Mass index

This is otherwise known as the BMI. When the body BMI is low, the ovary of the individual may not function properly which may lead to infertility. A low BMI is greatly associated with eating disorder in the life of the individual. Some people find it difficult to maintain a keep track of their nutrition.

Make sure your keep Track of whatever you eat so that you regulate the amount of calories in your body and an uncontrolled body weight. This will help you so much when it comes to personal health.

4. When the person is stressed

Stress levels have lots and lots of impact on an individual's fertility among other things. Some of the things that bring stress include family matters, ones social life, work and other things. It is even worse when the person is unable to be in control of this situations and this even has more impact on the person's health.

5. Use of wrong Lubricants

The use of lubricants helps to increase the chances of a person getting pregnant easily. The problem That many people make however is that thy use the wrong lubricants and this definitely affects them negatively.

When using lubricants to increase the chances of getting pregnant, check the pH level which should range between 7.1- 8.0 which is in other words regarded a a neutral pH.

6. Poor calculation of your fertility days

This problem is most common to people who have irregular monthly periods which means they cannot determine the exact dates when their monthly period is likely to occur. For those who have regular periods, ensure you keep track of the dates when you are fertile or else you are likely not to get pregnant.

The advanced technology has also proved to be essential when it comes to helping the people with irregular, monthly periods. There are some mobile apps like Flo Period tracker that give accurate dates of menstruation when switched to pregnancy mode.

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