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Pregnancy period

10 Illustration Showing What Expectant Mothers go Through During the Period

Pregnancy is the most exciting period in a woman’s life. Some stories from the mothers are just hilarious and they will even make you appreciate all the mothers in the world. Here are some illustrations showing some of the things mothers to be go through

1. The first thing is preparing and getting ready to welcome the new born; the expectant mother will start thinking about parenthood in a very serious way.

2. During this period, husbands too experience hard time especially when the mother to be starts craving for certain things or foods that may be hard to find, but they have to do anything for their wives

3. At some point they may feel like everything in the world is against them, this happens mostly when they feel like they are having some bad moods.

4. During pregnancy, the mother to be may feel more protective to their babies especially when around some people. We may also learn a lot of things about them during this period

5. They also have mood swings where sometimes they can be easily moved with simple things. They can be caused by hormones estrogen and progesterone.

6. It is very hard to buy comfortable clothes for future wife because during this period it is hard to know what style will really impress her. Sometime she may switch to wearing your shirts and coats.

7. As the baby bump grows bigger, most of the things do change including the normal way of life, for example the way you sit, sleep and even the clothes you put on.

8. As the moments gets closer, the scarier is gets and they may even start panicking at the worst moments. That is why someone has to be with them just to encourage them

9. Finally all the challenges that were there and the hard times go away when finally the baby arrives. Happiness sets in when they finally get to hold their baby on their hands.

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