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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Slept With Me Infront Of Our Kids Few Days After I Gave Birth, And He Brutally Beat Me.

Anne wangui from Naivasha has narrated how her husband slept with her Infront of her kids few days after she gave birth and he brutally beat her and chased them away.

According to her is that she met her husband when she was working in a petrol station and they became lovers, They moved to his village and they started living as husband and wife.They were blessed with four kids.

She says that after she gave birth to her third born her husband started to drink alcohol and smoke bhang even in the house while the kids were there.Anne says that she tried to talk to him to stop but he used to abuse her every bad words.

She used to persevere everything since her mother was sick and she was the one helping her, while there she got pregnant for their forth born.When she went to give birth her husband never took her and she was taken by her neighbor.

Anne says that after two days she went back home and that when her husband came back home drunk.She was sleeping in the bedroom and her husband asked her to go to the sitting room and undressed her, he slept with her as her kids were watching.

She says that he brutally beat her and he chased her and the kids away at night,her neighbor helped her and in the morning she went back to her parents house where she is living with her four kids and taking care of her sick Mother.

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