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Keeping children engaged this TEN DAYS OCTOBER holiday

It is every parent joy and worry every time school closes. Parents have time to enjoy meals on same table with there children and also its time to see the progress their young ones have made in school ,socially and physically.But all this can turn into sorrowful moment especially if as a parent you have that bee hive schedule turning every minute into a penny to sustain the family. Kids being left alone inthe house or being left under the watch of house manager of which we can agree most of them consider doing there daily chores but forget there is also another being that needs to be kept under watch.This poses great danger to children and also can cause distress to you as a parent and at long run have wishes schools to be reopened soon.

But the good news is,this moment can be turned into joyful and engaging moment for both you as the parent and child despite the short ten days holiday.With technology growing steady first especially inthe sub-hara region,we can utilize it for positive productivity.


Ninety percent of us we love watching television and kids being curious and attentive to detail are the greatest lovers of TV.

Thanks to the upgrade of digital airing of local programs. Parents can control programs kids can watch through parental control.This helps kids to be confined with what is available.Parents can encourage kids to watch the programs by allowing the kids to narrate the best program of the day which also improves there communication skills.


Can't fail to mention this but living inthe 21st century eighty percent of school children can assess internet.In kenya we have viusasa elimu, YouTube education channel and also shupavu which can be of great help to children.With minimal subscription you can keep the children engaged whole day.


This October holiday as a parent you have all the reasons and tools to keep the children engaged in positive way. You can use the above ways which have shown great results and also keep up to date for more tips.

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