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Mum's Warning To Other Parents After Discovering Why Her Baby Cried All Night

After discovering why her daughter was weeping, a mother of a baby girl has cautioned other parents to keep an eye out for a critical warning sign in their children.

Riss, who goes by the name @riss 237 on TikTok, posted a video of herself cradling her baby's feet.

She captioned the video as follows: "We couldn't figure out why she was weeping all night. Everything was tried.

"We discovered a few hairs wrapped around two toes the next day.

"Check your baby's fingers and toes on a regular basis."

Zooming in on the young one's toes, you can see that they are red and swollen due to a hair tourniquet that has cut off circulation.

A hair tourniquet can harm nerves, skin tissue, and the function of the body area it has damaged in severe situations.

Hair tourniquets are most prevalent in babies whose parents have long hair, according to

The penis, toes, and fingers are the most commonly affected areas.

Riss stated that she and her partner both had long hair and that they "shed like crazy," therefore they now check for hairs every day.

Posting the video on TikTok, Riss wrote: "Thank God we noticed when we did! Toes are doing better!"

Commenting under the post, people thanked Riss for sharing the important video.

One commenter said: "This happens more than we think! More people need to be aware!"

Riss responded, " "Yes, I agree that we should have been told about the hair! Everything else had already made us nervous!"

"Hair tourniquets were my worst nightmare with my baby!" claimed another parent.

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