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Avoid Saying These Things To Your Child

When you have kids , it's nice to take good care of them and teach them good manners. Goods kids will always behave well they have been brought up well by their parents and guardians. But as you stay with the kids you should filter your words before you tell them because, at times you may mess them. Always know what is good for your kids and what's not because as they grow , what they do depends on what you taught them. But remember to know what you tell your kids.

The following are some of the things you should avoid saying to kids;

I will never forgive you.

Never tell your kids this statement because it sounds like threatening somehow. You should not tell them because, your kids will always keep in mind that even if you forgive them , it will be remembered and that shows there is no forgiveness. Therefore , making your child feel this way is not right because , they will never forgive others and later forget too. This just shows that you have taught them to forgive and forever remember which is very bad. As we know, when you forgive you should forget and move on with other things.

Am disappointed in you

This statement hurts , so when you tell your kids this they will feel like you have abandoned them. This happens when they fail in doing something which you had high expectations but later do it fairly. When they doing something , you need to encourage them to work hard or tell them new techniques of achieving what you expected from them. Telling them this statement will demoralize them even feel that they are not loved by their parents.

I am ashamed of you.

Hearing this from a parent normally brings a certain feeling in your mind which might disturb you for sometime. Your child will feel like he or she is not wanted in that family. This will create some fear on them and thus feeling like they are a disgrace to that house or family. Always use positive words when correcting your kids.

Wait until your father/ mother gets home

This is threatening statement to your child because, if you got issues with your child deal with the child immediately and personally but not telling them to wait for another parent. If it's about disciplinary issues, make sure you discipline your child immediately you see mistakes but not postponing for other time.

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