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Proven ways to reduce labour pain.

Labour and childbirth is usually painful experience and women vary in their response to it.

Here are best ways to reduce pain when giving birth.

1. Forget your fears about labour.

There are connection between fear and pain during childbirth. The efficiency of the magnifice uterine walls depends upon your hormonal, circulatory and nervous system all working together.

Fear upsets the balance of the three systems, causing your body to produce more stress hormones that counteracts to enhance labour process and relieve pain during during childbirth.

2. Use breathing technique.

Breathing brings relaxation. Taking a deep breaths, exahaling and inhaling allows your muscles to relax and thus reduces any pain such as in the uterine walls.

3. Taking warm bath.

Temperature plays a very important role in relaxing the muscles. Relax yourself inside a warm water tub. This will help in expansion of the birth canal, hence relieves the pain.

4. Relax your mind.

Remind yourself that you are normal. When you fear pain, you tense up which makes it worse.

5. Use of epidural.

For women who want to feel nothing like pain, an epidural is the only real option. A small tube is inserted into your pack and local anaesthetic is delivered to the nerves that carry pain messages from the uterine walls to the brain. It is powerful pain reliever during birh.

6. Message.

Message and hot packs can ease your pain in labour. It helps distract you from the pain. Hoy packs helps your body release endorphins which releases any body pain.

7. Injections.

Use of intermuscular injection of pain killer drugs such as Diamophine . These reduce pain of the contractions and helps you stay relaxed.

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