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Memories When Joining Form One

How vividly do you remember joining form one?

Was it fun? scary maybe? My first day of secondary school was the happiest day of my life, and I remember it like it was yesterday. My most memorable moment was receiving my Form One uniform, as I would be walking to school in it for the first time. carrying my rocker with the help of my class teacher majestically walking along the streams corridor. entering that class like I owned it and introduced myself to the other students- spiritual confidence has attacked me.

What are the challenges, advice, and counsel that parents can accord their children?

It is a joy to see parents with their children. A parent is expected to be both an example and a model for their child in addition to providing advice. Often, children will emulate values they learn from their parents therefore, a good parent should be a consistent source of advice and counseling for their child as they navigate the pitfalls of puberty and later life. In addition, being a good parent requires understanding our own life experiences and flaws so that we can guide our children in making the right choices.

What recommendations do you have for the Form Ones?

From the lessons learned and mistakes made, there are some recommendations for the form ones. I suggest that they do more thorough research on history, and geography before writing their essays. Prior to beginning their writings, the Form Ones need to read two other essays written by Form Four students in the previous year. I would suggest that they formulate a clear structure and plan. Also, the form ones need to choose the general topic and narrow down their theme

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