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Tears Of Joy As Well Wishers Visited The 4 Children Living Alone After Mom Died And Dad Imprisoned

It was a great day after the four children living alone after their mother died and their dad imprisoned after he committed a crime.

The first born who is 15years old narrated that he drop out of school to take care of the other 3 siblings were he go to look for a job to buy food.

After their story was aired by Afrimax on YouTube the community leader cane to their aid and constructed a house for them and gave food stuffs and clothes.

The well wishers gave them a visit and offered money and also food stuffs and beddings they also paid a young lady who will be living with them as a foster mother so as to guide them and also so the first born can go back to school.

The children couldn't not hide their joy and were very thankful and promised to work hand in school.

May God always provide for this children and give them peace and joy.

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