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Generation Z Group And What Is Expected Of Them

Gen Z babies otherwise known as digital natives are the group born between the late nineties and early 2010. They are the group succeeding the millennial and preceding generation alpha.

This generation is the first to be born with access to the Internet and portable technology thus the name digital natives. Most of them are aged between 7 and 22 years old.

This generation is open-minded and is the first generation to acknowledge diversity in terms of homosexuality and heterosexuality.

It has seen the rise of male gender rights rather than constantly advocating for women rights leaving out the male gender. They also advocate for other movements such as black lives matter and feminism. 

Generation z, being born to technology like being in control thus absorb information from online platforms rather than using traditional means. This generation has seen the rise of knowledgeable teens who understand what is revolving around them.

The older generation x mostly of their parents, count this as rebellion. However, this group has seen less use of alcohol and drug substance compared to the millennial group. It has also seen a drop in the rate of early pregnancies as a result of the presence and wide use of contraceptives. 

Sadly, this generation has seen an increase in viewing pornographic materials. They tend to want to learn more about sexuality from this site as their guardians and teachers tend to focus more on contraception and leave out what they should do when faced with a sexual encounter.  

Being children of generation x parentage, they tend to be misunderstood as they are open-minded contrary to their parents who are Conservative. Generation z is seen to be financial literate at an earlier age. They are exposed to the world at an earlier age thus tend to learn more than their parents did at the same age. 

Therefore this generation should be treated with caution and not judged easily as the tendency to believe what is on the Internet more which at times may not be right. Guardians should strive to be more close to their children and try to be open about any subject no matter how difficult it may be to lead this generation in the right direction. 

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