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[Video] Meet an Indian Woman Who gave Birth at The Age of Seventy

While scientists have firmly said that a woman would hardly conceive or give birth at the age of 40 years, Jivumben a lady from India just gave birth to a child at the age of Seventy. According to the doctors and specialists about this matter, the chances for a person to give birth at the age of seventy is always zero. However Jivumben and her husband who is 75 years old just got drawn into joy after acquiring their first son.

This old couple have been in marriage for over 45 years without getting child. They had tried to conceive for decades but all had been in vain till now. According to the doctors who attended to Jivumben, she had a most rare pregnancy ever witnessed. After giving birth at this age, she had just become one of the few eldest mothers in the world. The eldest mother was spotted in the year 2019 who gave birth at the age of 74.

This actually reminds me of a woman in the Bible by the name Sarah who gave birth at the age of ninety nine. Therefore I personally believe that it is not only a blessing but also a miracle. Because this type of situation has gone beyond the knowledge of scientists. Watch this Video to know more. What is your opinion about this?

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