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Pregnancy period

Tips Of Knowing The Gender During Pregnancy the Period

Children are gift the best gift from God. It's always the best moment when a couple realizes that they are expecting a child after nine months. When a woman concieves the biggest question in her mind is always which gender is she carrying.

But nowadays things have become easy as you can know the gender of the baby you are carrying even before giving birth. There are several ways of knowing a gender which some you need to visit a hospital while others you can observe several signs of your body.

The most common method that involves a doctor is that one of ultrasound. This method is the most trusted way of knowing the gender of the unborn child. Also this method has become mandatory before giving birth in most hospitals as it help to know status of child.

According to rearches done the methods below requires one observe the body signs:

1. If the heartbeat of the child is less than 140 then you are carrying a boy. And if it's greater than 140 then it's a girl.

2. If you don't experience morning sickness expecially in the first trimester you are carrying a boy.

3. If your feet becomes cold more quickly than before getting pregnant you are carrying a boy.

4. If skin becomes dry the gender is a boy.

5. If you are prone to headaches then you have a boy.

6. If your urine is bright yellow your child is a boy.

7. If your hair on the legs grows faster than before then it's a boy.

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