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Pregnancy period

Ladies: Pregnancy Foods That Every Mother Should Know

'Listen to your body,' is the most misused phrase when it comes to pregnancy periods. People often tend to eat whatever they feel like eating which is wrong. When someone feels it is time to spread their legs and blow ice creams, they do so at their will. However, they are causing damage not only your health but the health of your unborn child for life.

The best food to take when pregnant should be balanced diet. It should also be free from cholesterals and should boost the both the mother's and the baby's immunity. This is because when a child whose immunity is lower is born, she or he will not ne able to fight diseases effectively.

Foods rich in cholesterals should be avoided simce overweight babies tend to be born. Foods such as chips, sausages, red meat, and solid cooking fats should not be anywhere or should be in small quantities. Cholesterals brings in diseases such as high blood pressure as it blocks the veins and this will be disastrous for a pregnant woman or girl.

Below are some of the foods that should be eaten during pregenancy.

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