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Parents are having fun with the CBC system amidst their complaints.

The Competency Based Curriculum, CBC, system received a massive rejection from Kenyan parents since it seemed too engaging and expensive. However, with time, the parents have outgrown the hate and began having fun with it. We cannot miss noticing the parent’s excitement after doing commendable jobs on their children’s projects on real-life and social media platforms. Posts after posts of hilarious projects such as funny-looking scarecrows and amazing pictures flood online as parents compare their skills and roll with laughter over failed projects.

However, without reasonable doubt, the Competency Based Curriculum is introducing the children to the actual world activities, which is an excellent move since too many books can be boring, reducing their class performance. Therefore, as much as most parents are having fun while some are complaining, the new curriculum came to fix the education system. Even though it did not start on a high note since it was hurried, students and parents have now adapted, and from the look of things, they would not trade it for anything. What do you think about this new curriculum?

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