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Teenage Pregnancy Is Becoming A Threat To Kenya, Here's Why And Some Of The Ways To Eradicate It

Teenage pregnancy has been on a steady rise in Kenya for the past few years and has become one of the major challenges that the currently is experiencing and struggling to combat. The high rise has been attributed to the Covid 19 pandemic and the lockdowns that were placed last year and earlier this year. With the children and teenagers away from school, most of them engaged in practices that led to massive numbers of them getting pregnant and becoming young mothers before completing their primary and secondary education.

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There are various ways the country can deal with and eradicate teenage pregnancy in the communities. This will require both the effort of the teachers, parents and the government. Some of the ways include the following.

1. Parents should be able to teach and guide their children on the appropriate values and principles of the community and one of these is self control and respect.

2. The government should ensure laws on child exploitation and inappropriate handling of a child by the parent or anyone is implemented fully on those parents whom are caught on the wrong side of the law.

3. Schools should teach the children on various ways an early teenage pregnancy can impact their lives and various ways they can protect themselves.

4. Parents should guide their children on the appropriate dressing codes that they should always maintain and also advise them on the kind of friends they should have as bad company always attract negative behaviors which is one of the predispositions of teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy should be discouraged by all means since it has devastating effects on the community both morally and physically. Teenage pregnancy is one of the leading causes of teenage deaths in the community and it's also one of the reasons for the rise in poverty levels and illiteracy levels in the society. It's also one of the reasons for the high rise in teenage marriages and HIV infections among teenagers. Everyone should therefore join hands to ensure teenage pregnancy is eradicated in the community as this will help shape the future of Kenya.

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