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Do you Actually Listen?

I stand to be corrected.

Truthfully, it is right and just to just take time and listen. When there's a conversation between two people, more especially whenever it is a sad situation case: Listen.

Giving a similar case at the same exactly time you just heard somebody's sad story, does not only mean there was no emotional consideration, but also no keen listening. 

There was a gathering some time today and an individual shared a story of the demise of the father., (may he rest in peace), however, after just a few minutes, another individual shared a story of the total recovery of the sick dad.

For me, I choose to be emotionally sensitive.

If I were the second individual, I would just not share my triumph victory ASAP, for I'm considering the first individual's Feelings. 

It is about being present. It is about the sensitivity. It is about consideration.

When this is put into account, it brings balance. It brings calmness.

Just listen


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