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Mulamwah's Wife Sonnie Already Rocking A Flat Tummy Weeks After Delivery.

Most women fear after delivery fat and all the extra weight that comes with giving birth. The gift of a child is beyond measure but the effort put after delivery to get back to your normal size especially the baby fat in the tummy lowers a lot of women's self esteem. Giving birth changes a lot in a woman's body which includes gaining a lot of weight or lossing just as much. This however is not the case with other women. Some recover their bodies weeks or a month after delivery and they are back to wearing their normal outfits. This is the case with Carol Muthoni, Mulamwah's wife.

Carol has two weeks after she gave birth to a beautiful princess Keilah Oyando and you wouldn't believe how flat her tummy is. She is already making girls out here envious of her gorgeous body. Carol definitely didn't have to struggle with gym to get rid of the after birth tummy.

Her fans are so amazed by her body that they ask for tips on flat tummy after birth.

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