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Pregnancy period

Important Facts You Should Take Note Of During Pregnancy

1. Folic acid

This vitamin aids in the development of your baby's cells, blood, brain, and nervous system as he or she grows. A lack of folic acid can cause stunted growth or birth defects like spina bifida. Both the expecting mother and her baby require iron, calcium, and vitamin D.

2. Blues

Pregnancy is often a joyous period, however some women do experience depression during this time. It's crucial to keep track of how much space these emotions take up.

Approximately 10% of pregnant women suffer from mild to severe depression during their pregnancy. During this time, fathers are also at risk for depression. They may be concerned and anxious. During this time, it is critical to foster excellent communication between the marriage and to seek aid when necessary.

3. Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

Smoking during pregnancy is discouraged since it interferes with the baby's normal growth and raises the chance of miscarriage and early birth. It's also a good idea to avoid drinking alcohol when pregnant. Because current scientific data are inconclusive on how much alcohol may be ingested without causing harm to the baby, doctors advise pregnant women to abstain from drinking alcohol entirely. Alcohol goes straight from the mother's bloodstream to the baby's bloodstream via the placenta, potentially causing birth abnormalities as well as cognitive impairment.

Drugs should also be avoided by pregnant women since they pass through the placenta and can harm foetal development.

4. Foetal development

From conception till delivery, kids develop continuously in their mother's womb. The zygote develops into an embryo, which eventually develops into a foetus. Their organs expand, their nails grow, and their blood develops as the weeks pass.

They begin to play with their feet and hands about 21 weeks. Face features grow more distinct at 26 weeks, and all of their organs are functional at 37 weeks. Babies are considered full term and ready to be born at this point. Now it's just a matter of waiting!

5. Medical exams

Before the 12th week of pregnancy, you should see a health professional for the first time. A complete physical examination will be performed by the doctor or nurse. Doctor appointments are arranged every four to six weeks if there are no health complications and the pregnancy is proceeding regularly.

At week 31, appointments are scheduled every two or three weeks, and at week 37, they are scheduled every week.

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