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Primary Education


Worries For Parents As Secondary & Primary Schools First Term Holiday Approaching

Most schools are now preparing to break for first term holiday.According to the initial reports, the holidays will on last for one week

Despite it is short it is a blow to parents and it's given them sleepless nights as some siblings have developed unpleasant behaviours like rudeness or stealing making it hard for parents to keep watch and make them model the character.

The cost of living has increased as food and other basic needs are adjusted due to increased numbers thus hindering them from continuing with initial saving and allocating next term fees for those rendered jobless.

Transport cost as some cover longer distance thus fares are high leading to huge loss in short my opinion parents should rely with school heads for this student to be allowed to remain in school.

Fees as most schools mandates term on fees to be cleared and failure is likely to lead to no admission into school compound.Besides some parents are not pleased with siblings academics progress making them make prejudgment and sees paying fees as a waste of money.

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