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52-Year-Old Woman Gets Twins Through A Sperm Donor Causing Mixed Reactions Among The Netizens

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Science and technology has brought a major impact in the society.

It has its advantages and also disadvantages.

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Today in a post by ktn news Kenya, there was a post where women are said that they can allegedly conceive after menopause or postpone their child bearing to a later date.

52 year old Jemimah Okutu, a secretary is one of great sacrifice and love. According to the post, she dedicated her life to raising her siblings on her salary after the death of their parents.

According to the post, by the time she was done raising her siblings jemimahs biological clock was ticking away. She badly wanted a child on her own.

She opted for a sperm donor through vitro fertilization. Jemimah is now a proud mother of beautiful twin girls who are now four months old. She says God answered her prayers and despite not getting married, she is now a mother.

Netizens had this to say,

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