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Labor Ward Si Mchezo. Women Reveal Their Hilarious Experiences At The Labor Ward

Places where mother's receive their bundles of joy after pregnancy is called labor Ward. Most women love associating extreme pain with Labor pains. A mother knows that her baby is almost been delivered after she starts experiencing sudden Labor pains due to womb Contractions.

Women will often scream and behave like Psychotic people. Most women after undergoing labor pains swear that they will never give birth again. However after Child birth the pain goes away.

Today some of the women have Revealed some of their crazy experiences at the labor Ward. Some women Revealed that they constantly kept on hitting walls without feeling pain. Other women Revealed how they could walk naked shamelessly in the wards without any fear. Others Revealed that the nurses they met were not too friendly. Few women Revealed they had wonderful experiences at the hospitals they chose. See some of the most hilarious revelations and experiences below.

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Psychotic Si Mchezo The Labor Ward


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