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Major Premature Birth Causes That Every Woman Should Avoid Before And During Pregnancy

Premature birth also medically known as preterm is simply the kind of childbirth that a pregnant female experience earlier than the supposed nine months of its occurrence.

Biologically, by estimation, conception should last for about 9 months (37 – 40 weeks) before childbirth.

However, due to one factor or the other, no matter how less frequent it may occur, some ladies end up birthing children who are not mature before childbirth.

Available information revealed that, among other things, premature birth is associated with lack of weight gain, development of vital organs of a child, such as lungs and the brain. Other times, infants death rate is medically linked to premature childbirth.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention further disclosed that, it is also responsible for long term nervous system disorder amongst young children.

Nonetheless, premature childbirth does not happen in isolation. Often times, it is caused by other things which may be tied to the lifestyle of a woman before and during pregnancy.

While revealing some of the key causes of premature birth, Healthline itemized the following among others:

1. Poor nutrition before and during pregnancy. The kind of food a woman takes before and during pregnancy can play a role in the occurrence of premature birth.

Eating does not only take care of hunger but also perform a role in humans body system. In order to eat right, a medical doctor and a dietician should be consulted for proper recommendations.

2. Smoking or the usage of illegal drugs and drinking too much alcohol during conception. The aforementioned activities can affect the development of a foetus as well as induce early child labour earlier than usual.

By all means, assuming you used to smoke, take illegal drugs, once pregnant, you should desist from them for the sake of your unborn child.

3. Some given untreated infections such as Urinary Tracts Infection(UTI). A woman who is having untreated infections before and during pregnancy stands the chance of encountering premature childbirth.

As such, as a woman, you should go for medical checkups to test for infection and get yourself treated (if you have any) before and during conception.

4. Presence of an abnormal uterus. Needless to mention, before birth, the uterus serves as a housing place for the foetus to stay. In a situation where the uterus it abnormally positioned, the duration of the child’s stay can be affected.

For the avoidance of doubts, before conception, it is necessary to go for scanning in the hospital to ascertain if your uterus is in a good position or not, so as to take corrective measures on time.

Other causes include existence of a past record of premature birth in previous pregnancy and a weakened cervix which may open earlier than expected.

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