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There Are No Dull Moments When Kids Are Around And These Photos Prove it

A sense of humor offers a huge advantage in a child's life. It's one of the best ways people have figured out to cope with things that are difficult. Through this article, I have compiled a series of photos that shows there are no dull moments when kids are around and I believe they will leave you in delight.

1) Even when in the zoo, they know how to make good friends with strangers.

2) This toddler didn't know he could suffocate his brother.

3) When they said kids would require lots of money, I didn't think they meant this.

4) In this case you don't know whether to cry with happiness or grief.

5) This is how they can mess with things around.

6) When they practice their arts and design skills.

7) Who said that they can fear pigs?

8) These kids wanted to help dad in repainting the wall.

9) Who wins in this drinking competition.

10) Potty training simply went wrong.

11) This little girl got so emotional that the literary tried to wipe away tears of a man she saw crying on TV.

12) Children are like cats they can sleep in any position.


Kids with a well-developed sense of humor are happier and more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and can handle differences (their own and others') well. Kids who can appreciate and share humor are better liked by their peers and more able to handle the adversities of childhood — from moving to a new town, to teasing, to torment by playground bullies. They are just heavenly sent.

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