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Parenting of this generation in this century

Family today is passing through a time crisis.This is to be expected.Being by nature the focal point of social life,the family inherently becomes a prime victim of the confused conditions of the twentieth century.

Youth in particular suffer from present world conditions.The principal causes of their confusion appear to be the following:

Lack of religious instruction in infancy.

Failure of parental authority and discipline.

Alcoholism and narcotics.

Unsupervised amusement,including movies and the dance.

Little inclination to do work which requires effort.Certain conditions exercise an influence on a family life,which prevent it from fulfilling its essential duties toward the youth. Incase of juvenile crime ,for example,many of the delinquents comes from dissolved or divided homes.Besides,development of industry and accumulation of wealth have created in youth people wants unknown in former years ,wants in which many youth seek to satisfy at all costs,even at the price of misdemeanors or crime.

Formerly a woman’s principle goal was marriage,now she may,by gainful employment in factory or office ,form habits of independence and feel little need of founding home .Moralists frequently teach that duty is nothing but the expression of social will,and that individual conscience is a reflection of collective conscience.

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