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'She is just like a mother to Taji' Milly WaJesus Praises her beautiful house help.

One thing we should all learn from Milly WaJesus is how we should treat our house helps. You see, you'll be spending alot of time at your work place and your children need to be taken care of at home. Your house also needs to be put in some kind of an order. If someone can help you do all that work while you are busy working and you feel comfortable then that's someone you should Accord some good respect. It's not easy to find such a person.

Milly's house girl is so beautiful and glowing. You can easily tell that she is well taken care of by her employers. It's the same kind of energy that you give your house help that she will give to your children. If you are mistreating yours just know that you children are having it rough.

It's your responsibility as mother to make sure you treat you house help well and you pay her dues on time.

Milly has refered to her house help that she is just like a mother to her son Taji WaJesus. It's evident she is treating her well if how she celebrated her birthday is anything to go by. The girl is looking all glammed up, thanks to Milly WaJesus.

Check out Milly's post on Facebook praising her.

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