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Activities and games that 90's kids played and engaged that are no longer there today

Back in the 90's, kids adored play and since there was no social media or television in the villages, the main activities they engaged in were playing games, socializing and doing house chores.

If you are a 90's child you totally understand what i mean, before the mobile phones, cooking gas and tap water. So these are some of the activities that were engaged as compared to todays way of living.

1. Fetching firewood.

Firewood was the only source of fuel back in the days. Therefore, women and children would go deed into selected forests to search for dried wood bring them home for use and fuel. It was a fun activity, they all enjoyed it. Today there are different alternative sources of fuel that our families use both in the village and urban areas. I can proudly say today's kids do not understand anything to do with cooking with firewood.

2. Fetching water from the river.

During those days, there were no boreholes in the villages to drain water from. Since water is an essential need in the daily activities, people would take water pots, jericans and buckets to fetch water from the nearest rivers. Today everything is much simple as water boreholes are almost everywhere in the villages therefore children and women dont have to walk miles to bring water.

3. Playing football made from nylon papers.

Many of the 90's kids will tell you this was the best game then, it was also the most popular and the ball was made by talented individuals from the same group of kids. Today football is readily available and it is affordable therefore most parents prefer just to get their kids one of the commercial ones to serve the purpose. Apparently todays kids have no idea how that ball was made and how it was played.

4. Doing house chores.

We all understand that back then, the house chores were to be divided among the number of children in the household. They would share and exchange the duty positions each day to keep their houses and compound spotless. I am ashamed to say that children born today are lazy and look upto their parents employing someone to help around with the house chores. I have no idea what they do with their time.

5. Community children plays

Here i mean, children of the same community would gather at a common place to play specific different games involving role play. It was fun and it allowed fir socialization among cousins and children of the same community. Unfortunately today, there are no community plays anymore, every child stays in their home either watching television or playing video games on smartphones or computers.

Generally, there has been change in fbe way the world works, everything has been made digital and therefore the old time communities have lost meaning.

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