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Strategies for Present-Day Parenting in Digital Age

There have been alot of arguments over the parenting and how the new technology era has brought many controversies. In a way, the digital life makes the parent's approach to change in caring and educating them. Such ways are as follows;

1. Set boundaries. Set clear boundaries for your children around their use of technology and be consistent in enforcing them.

2. Lead by example. Model appropriate technology use yourself and be mindful of how much time you’re spending online.

3. Make family time a priority. Make sure your family has regular time together to do activities and talk with each other.

4. Foster good habits. Help your children develop healthy habits around technology, such as taking regular breaks, not using technology during meals, and turning off devices at bedtime.

5. Teach digital etiquette. Talk with your children about how to behave online, such as not engaging in cyberbullying or posting inappropriate content.

6. Get involved. Get to know the games, websites, and apps your children are using and ask questions.

7. Balance technology with other activities. Encourage your children to find other activities and hobbies to balance out their use of technology. 8. Talk about the dangers. Talk with your children about the potential risks of using technology, such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and online predators.

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